Ana Girardot is a young and talented French actress. For the first time she appeared in a movie 'Simon Werner a disparu...'. And it was a successful and talented work!
Read my interview to know more about beautiful Ana!

If I come to Paris for the very first time which 5 places should I see?
-Of you come to paris during spring or summer, I would tell you to go have a breakfast at "Cafe Marly" terasse in front of the Louvre with the view on the pyramid. Then you would go to "Centre Goerges Pompidou" to see the view and a contempory art exhibition. Then for lunch you would go to this restaurant next to the Seine called "Le six huit" in front of Notre Dame. After you would have to do some shopping so I would tell you to go in the Marais, to go to small boutique where they have good brands and vintage store. Then it's time for the apperitif so I would tell you to go to the "Mini Palais" at the Grand Palais for their terrasse and plus you could also have dinner there where renowned chef Frechon is cooking. Then you will want to go out and so you have to go to the "Pompon" the new trendy bar-club in the 9th or 10th i don't know. It's really chill the owner is very cool and the mood is nice you can dance or only have a drink. Don't miss this place to go. For the rest of the night I let you discover the small things Paris has to offer...

You have a very bright and sweet style. What kinda clothes do you like?

- First, thank you haha! I like clothes that are not too precious, they need to have durability. I love short skirt and dress, I always loved the '60s london style short but not vulgare or too seductive, And what I love more than anything is jeans with a loose T-Shirt and great shoes, I prefer flat shoes but at night it's better to make an effort. I'm really bad at describing my look. But I like when I feel really confortable in my clothes and confident.

Do you have a style icon?
- I LOVE Jean Shrimpton. Francoise Hardy, Jane Birkin and Hannah Karina and the best of all is my grand ma! She is a real lady and always had an amazing style.

What can inspire you? Books, music, movies?
- I am most of all inspire by movies, I'd love to just steal a look from a movie by snapping my fingers, but i can't, so I take the best that I can do. I get an idea in my head and sometimes I look in the mirror and I'm like "I look like Jean Seberg in "A bout de souffle"! " But it doesn't happen that often haha.

Do you love traveling? What's your most unforgettable adventure?
- I always love traveling. My mom always told me to spend my money on travel. It's such a great experience to be able to meet people from another culture, see lands you wouldn't dare imagine, hear music and discover FOOD !! I can't put a top 5 in all my adventure because all of them were so amazing so i'm gonna say my road trip across America, which was the least exotic but a great experience for me cause it was the first time I was traveling on my own as an adult!

Why have you decided to be an actress? What actresses or actors inspire you to act better?
- I always loved to play, to be on set and to put on a show, I saw a lot of movies and everytime I would see a strong women part I would think "that's looks fun to do" and after a while I decided that it was what I wanted to do for my life. And that I wanted to work hard for it. I love Kate Blanchett. She always feels so involved in her work I love the way she works on her characters. She studies so much about her characters, even
if it's not a character that existed she will find so many small thing to build it up. And for me Al Pacino is the greatest actor of all time he own his characters like nobody else.

What can become your savior when you have a bad mood?
- My cat and a so-bad-it's-good silly girly movie like "Josie and the pussy cats" (hey,everyone has his own way to recover!)

What kind of plans do you have for the future?
- Work, to be able to work, have projects and have the opportunity to show the best of my work. And I plan to be happily ever after, it's on my to-do list :-)

You were on the Citizen K cover. It was published in Russia too! What do you know about Russia? Do you wanna come some day?
- I've never been to this part of the planet. But I want to go! I know it's beautiful and that you have to go to St.Petersbourg more than Moscow and that you have great Vodka and fur coats. I would go often to Brighton beach when I was living in NYC so I guess I saw a small part of it. No?

Noa Avishag about Ana:

Ana is my muse, my second (chronologically) after Ruby. She holds an interesting place in my heart as both my best friend and creative collaborator. Watch this spcace. Saying her star is on the rise would be an understatement of great proportions. She has that special something, beyond charisma where you just can’t tear your eyes away. The fact that she chose to pursue acting over modeling is a testament to her self-awareness, because as stunning as she is in stills, her “Je ne sais quoi” is exponentially compounded in film. When we first met I predicted that she would become the face of a couture fashion brand .

(Rony Alwin)

I want to say thank you to Noa because she helped me to make this interview and share these amazing photos of Ana with us!


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    Congrats with great interview!!! Very interesting questions and smart and funny answers by gorgeous Ana! Good luck to her! Hope to read more interviews like this in near future!))

  2. Such an interesting interview! I enjoyed reading it =) Best of luck to Ana with her future carrier.
    Красивая девушка =)

  3. AMAZING work, Maya! I didn't know Ana before but ur interview gave me this chance. very interesting. And this girl really beautiful!

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  4. awesome work! I love Ana's complete and hearty answers. French women are so simple and elegantly beautiful